• Introduction and use of I-beam products

    Brief introduction of I-beam: I-beam, also known as steel Beam (English name I Beam), is a strip of steel with an I-shaped section. I-beam is divided into ordinary and light I-beam, H – shaped steel three. I-beam is widely used in various building structures, atlas Bridges, vehicles, suppo...
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  • shandong kunda steel company  Steel Knowledge

    Flat steel application and process flow Flat steel refers to steel with a width of 12-300mm, a thickness of 4-60mm, a rectangular section and a slightly blunt edge. Flat steel can be finished steel, can also be used as a blank for pipe welding and thin slab for rolling sheet. Main applications: A...
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  • shandong kunda steel company Steel Knowledge

    What is the difference between seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe? At present, the steel pipes used in our daily life are divided into two types: welded steel pipes and seamless steel pipes. The difference between these two steel pipes can be analyzed from three aspects: 1. In appearance, ...
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  • How to remove rust from seamless steel pipes?

    In the process of using seamless steel pipes, attention should be paid to maintenance work and regular anti-corrosion treatment. Generally, the most important thing to deal with is rust removal. The following editor will introduce the rust removal method of seamless steel pipe in detail. 1. Pipe ...
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  • China’s steel exports in January-February were heavy, and new orders increased significantly in March

    Affected by the accelerated recovery of the global economy, the recovery of demand in the international steel market has accelerated, the price of overseas steel has risen, and the spread between domestic and overseas prices has widened. From November to December 2021, the export orders for steel...
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  • Steel Price Information

    Steel Price Information

    Affected by the high price of the national steel market in 2021, the winter storage cost of construction steel in 2022 will increase by 250-1150 yuan/ton compared with 2021. The cost of capital will increase by 2-9.2 yuan compared with 2021, and the cost of capital in individual regions will incr...
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  • What are the commonly used specifications and sizes of stainless steel sheets?

    1. The stainless steel plates that can be seen on the market are: 201, 304, 304L, 316L, 430, 321, 409L, 436L, etc.; 2. The surface treatment of stainless steel plate includes wire drawing, titanium gold, 8K mirror surface, 2B smooth surface, oil grinding wire drawing, BA plate, sandblasting, corr...
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  • Cold rolled steel sheet material introduction

    1. Introduction of ordinary cold-rolled sheet is a product obtained from hot-rolled sheet by cold pressure processing. Due to the multi-pass cold rolling, the surface quality is better than that of the hot-rolled sheet, and good mechanical properties can be obtained after heat treatment. 1. Cla...
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  • Some classification and application integration of steel plate

    1. Classification of steel plates (including strip steel): 1. Classification by thickness: (1) thin plate (2) medium plate (3) thick plate (4) extra-thick plate 2. Classification by production method: (1) Hot-rolled steel sheet (2) Cold-rolled steel sheet 3. Classification by surface character...
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  • What is a steel plate! What is wear-resistant steel plate?

    The steel plate is a flat steel that is cast with molten steel and pressed after cooling. It is flat, rectangular and can be directly rolled or cut from wide steel strips. The steel plate is divided according to the thickness, the thin steel plate is less than 4 mm (the thinnest is 0.2 mm), the m...
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  • Talking about weathering steel!

    Talking about weathering steel!

    Weathering steel may be an unfamiliar word to ordinary people, but it is widely used in industrial production, and weathering steel is a new type of steel that combines new processes, new materials, and new innovations. One of the frontiers of steel in the world. What is its specific use? Weat...
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  • A517GrQ steel plate standard, A517GrQ steel plate introduction

    A517GrQ steel plate standard, A517GrQ steel plate introduction

    1. Introduction of A517GrQ steel plate A517GrQ is a special steel plate for ships and marine equipment, and the implementation standard of A517GrQ steel plate is the special technical condition of WYJ Wugang. A517GrQ belongs to the leg pile steel plate of the marine jack-up test platform At the ...
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